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The Herd

While walking in the glade one day, you spied three creatures of radiant beauty.They all appeared to be a young stallions and you could tell by looking at them that one day they would all be powerful horses.They had not seen you,so you drew back into the trees to watch. You admired their strong clean lines,how their bodies seemed to virtually take to the air each time they jumped at something.On closer inspection you one of them had wings.You wondered if he had tried using them yet. As they sauntered over to a tree, each taking a nibble of the fruit there,you noticed the long graceful necks,long spindly legs and a spirited air about them.
As you watched then all frolick and play,you wondered where they had come from and how they came to be in this glade.Perhaps I shall tell you a bit of their story.
One day,his mistress, the Lady Darkmoon happened upon the great and mighty realm of Allonia.The Lady of the realm, Silvanon,happened to have a few orphaned eggs she was adopting out to good homes.She allowed the Lady Darkmoon to take her pick from these eggs.Silvanon had told her she could not predict what would hatch from this egg or even for sure the exact date it would hatch.After Silvanon gave Lady Darkmoon complete instructions on how to care for the egg,it was brought here.Imagicka made his appearance shortly thereafter.
Imagicka stayed here alone for many days and nights.Lady Darkmoon fearing he might be lonely set out to find him a new friend and companion.She came upon the Land of the Darkhorse and there found The Clan of the New Dawn,a group of Mahnon Pah'llocks.After hearing their story and finding they had foals for adoption,she applied for one of the lovely foals and Namib came to live here.
Then Lady Darkmoon visited Allonia once more and came upon the land of the Painted Unicorns.They were such wonderful creatures,she once again applied for a foal,and the small Chiuta came to live here.
As you turn to go,shaking your head,you wonder at this world and the things that are yet to be found here.Who would have ever thought that you would get the chance to see such creatures as this.
This just goes to show,there is always something magickal waiting if you open your heart and mind and look upon the world with a new awareness.Perhaps one day,you may be walking and see a creature like Imagicka,Namib,or Chiuta.So remember,open hearts and open minds see things others don't care to see.

Now meet the small herd living here.

Mystical Eggs

If you would like a lovely creature like Imagicka,please visit The Silver Unicorn
and adopt one of your very own.

Namib....Shallo k Yom Sha
Namib is fully grown and has a mischievous sparkle to his green eyes.He is seeker always seeking knowledge of this or that and storing it away for later use.

Below you can view his stats and genotype.

Breed:Mahnon Pah'llock
Birth Clan:Clan of the New Dawn
A proud new member of the Clan of the Sparkling Star

If you would like one of your very own please visit the Tir'na'bainne'gile'lair.


Chiuta has grown to adulthood and is a lively character.Full of love,always happy and playful.

Breed:Painted Unicorn
Siblings:Parent's List

A gift from Donna'esha......

Chiuta and Donna'Esha will be forming The Charity of the Dil'Ethen.
Donna'Esha is the liath li donnil(glory of sunshine) to him and he basks in her glow.

If you would like a foal like Chiuta,visit The Silver Unicorn
and adopt one of your very own.

Well all the unicorns have grown up and moved to their new homes at the Unicorn Glade.

Please visit my other adopted pets found at Willow Moon Homestead.I love them all,they have truly opened my heart and mind.They have also made me realize how many truly talented people there are on the WWW.

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The background set,and all other things you see here,were created by me.Using PSP5....Blade Pro .....and a few freeware dingbat fonts.