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In Silvanon's Realm there are many worlds to explore,when going there one must use patience and choose your path wisely.While Lady Darkmoon was travleing through the Realm she discovered the home of a new type of unicorn.They were like no others she had ever seen.The first she adopted was Chiuta.
As he grew,he decided to form a Charity so that others of his kind could join him.The lovely Donna'esha answered his call and together they formed the Charity of the Dil'Ethen or Morning Star.
The Dil'Ethen has prospered well and children have been born to the pair.One of those children,Rickaet lives here in the realm with his father,Chiuta.The other three reside in various places...Murkila and Don'Mirith with their mother Donna'esha....Iava'eilli with Thele...and Tas'shexlin with Caitlin.To view them in their homes,one must visit the Charity of the Dil'Ethen.

As time passed and Rickaet grew,he took a mate and they eventually had a foal named Nathe'veth.But evil prevailed and the lovely Mur'hundan and Nathe'veth were lost in the nether realms.
Rickaet,inconsolable and beside himself with grief,began to wander the vast and wide cyber world.With Eclipso his friend always beside him.The pair wandered far from the Homestead and saw many wonderful things in far away lands.
Finally the day came when Rickaet,no longer heartbroken,decided to return to the Homestead.As he and Eclipso made their way homeward,the snow began to fall soft and silent blanketing all the land as far as the eye could see.For awhile it remained this way,then suddenly the wind began to pick up and the snow was falling so heavily they could barely see their own noses.Just when the pair began to think they might have to find shelter for the night,they saw a faint glow ahead.Stumbling in the fast deepening snow they decided to make their way towards the light in hope that it was shelter for them.
As they moved closer to the glowing light and they saw it was a Christmas tree with one single glowing star on top.Finally the snow begin to slow and the wind died down and Twinkle appeared,"Greetings you two and welcome back,Lady Darkmoon will be pleased,she has worried since the day you left.I believe she has an announcement to make but has waited for your return."Wtih that Twinkle gave a little snap and they were before the warm and welcoming cottage of Willow Moon Homestead.
When the pair were dry,warm and their tummies near bursting with the wonderful meal they had been served,LadyDarkmoon made her announcement."Soon we will be graced with a new paint foal coming to live here.We know not whether it be male or female but with Rickaet and Eclipso's consent the new baby will be living with them.I felt that they would be the best choice for care,proatection and teaching of the baby here in the Homestead." She turned to look at the pair and said,"Of course,they have to give their consent."
Rickaet with tears shining in his eyes looked at Eclipso,together they gave a slow nod of assent and agreed to the care of the new baby.
As the pair made their way home later that night,they stopped at the lovely little Christmas tree.Again the snow was falling gently as the wind sighed in the tops of the trees.A voice carried on the wind with the words Mor'cresla heard by the pair.As Eclipso gazed at Rickaet the pair decided,yes the new baby would be known as Mor'cresla or Dark Snow in honor of the dark night and the falling snow of the coming Christmas season.

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Breed:Painted Unicorn
Parents: Chiuta and Donna'esha
Siblings:Iava'eilli, Don'Mirith, Tas'shexlin.
Mate:Has been found and rescued.
Offspring:Lost in the Nether World
Origin of: The Silver Unicorn

Our newest member of the forest has arrived,Rickaet and Eclipso are fascinated with him too.Meet Mor'Cresla or in your language,Dark Snow.
It seems like just yesterday that our lovely little baby arrived and his tiny form was dancing and prancing the days away,but time passes and we all grow.It is the same for Mor'cresla.He has grown to adulthood,although he retains his boyish youth and vitality.

Our beautiful and strong Mor'cresla has joined a charity.He is now part of the Charity Li Anatha.

His Stats:
Breed:Paint Unicorn
Siblings:Not Sure
Mate:You've got to be kidding!

Meet Rickaet's friend and companion Eclipso our Pegasi form the Mythical Forest.He and Rickaet will be responsible for Mor'Cresla.....watching out for him......and making sure he is supervised at all times.


Please do not remove these unicorns from their home,if you would like one do as Lady Darkmoon did.Travel toThe Silver Unicorn and apply for one yourself.Although you have to search for them,it is well worth the time and effort to find them.

If you would like a Pegasi of your very own,please travel to the Mythical Forest and apply for one.

You may return to The Glade.

Or you may return to Willow Moon Homestead.

Background and banner made by Lady Darkmoon.Christmas tree made with tubes from The Hood and the Snow Applet from Anfy.