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You were making your way across the vast lands of the Homestead.The night was dark...millions of stars in the moon...and swirling mists that enveloped and surrounded you.The night made for spooky traveling but you had no other had to get home to your family.
Suddenly the thunder of tiny hooves and a nicker of pure joy rent the air.You turned to look at what may be bearing down upon you and saw a small but distinctively colored unicorn.As the tiny figure neared and came to a halt close enough for you to reach out and touch, it said."Greetings traveler....I am DarkMoonMist....who are you?"
You could not believe your eyes or your ears for that matter....many were your travels here and never had you see a creature as beautiful and bold as this one."Well little one," you said."I am a frequent traveler through the homestead and I have never seen any such as you.I am in a bit of shock here."
The small form nodded as if in agreement,"Aye there are many here...but oftentimes you may never see them.The small unicorn nickered again and said,"Me I am not shy and choose to check out all travelers here.After all I carry a great name....part of the my name is the same as the Lady who owns all the surrounding territory."
With that the tiny form puffed a bit as if to look bigger.You chuckled and said,"Then you indeed should be proud and I can see why.You have a lovely home and speaking of home...I must be on my way to mine."
"Aye...I am sure you should and I myself must be away.Please do visit again sometime...I enjoy company."
With a nod to each other you both headed your seperate ways.The small unicorn at a gallop and you at a lively pace.You making a mental note to visit again and see how this one gets on.

Our Beautiful baby has grown into an equally beautiful adult....running wild and free among the stars.


Birth Charity:Turrandoti
Origin:The Silver Unicorn

On a return visit you found Mor'Yia Lash as wonderful and as enchanting as she ever was but you noticed a new unicorn that stayed well away from you.
With a wink and knowing nod Mor'Yia Lash explained who she was."That is Mur'Hundan or in English...... Red Mountain.She was Rickaet's mate but was lost in the nether world for sometime and has only recently come to live here.She is a bit traumatized by her ordeal and we are hoping that she will change with time and love."
You nodded and made no attempt to get closer but could not help but notice her lovely color and hoped that time would heal her.
You may look but don't take her she has suffered much.


Origin:The Silver Unicorn

Return to Willow Moon Homestead.
Or go to the Unicorn's Glade.
Or go to The Silver Unicorn to Adopt.

Background,banner and story by LadyDarkmoon.DarkMoonMist born at Silvanon's of The Silver Unicorn.If you'd like to adopt one of these lovely creatures or any of the others she has there ....Please visit The Silver Unicorn and see what she won't be sorry.